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为蒙内铁路提供优质钢材——访肯尼亚Tononoka钢材有限公司市场经理 维克托·埃吉纳(Victor Agina)


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维克托·埃吉纳:Tononoka是肯尼亚一家私营钢铁企业,成立于1991年3月,是肯尼亚市场钢铁产品的主要供应商。我们的产品涵盖黑镀锌管,空心管(其形状有圆形、方形和矩形),低碳钢等多种建筑材料,并且参与了多个跨国项目的建设,比如Two Rivers Mall,Garden City Mall,KNA Towers,AVIC Towers,KENHA Road Projects,,KPLC Projects等等。

公司目前员工人数超过1000人,地址位于恩姆巴卡西(位于内罗毕市的东南方向)的北机场路。为适应市场和环境的新需求,公司在2005年又新开了一家Tononoka 轧钢厂,用来将废金属废料转化为可重复使用的建筑材料。













维克托·埃吉纳:中国路桥是与我们合作过的企业中最好的客户之一!在合作时,他们展现出了异常优秀的敬业精神。无论是在材料的订购与测试,还是法律文件的准备和付款流程都十分专业。我们希望肯尼亚更多的本地企业能够追随蒙内铁路的步伐,合作完成更多的大型项目。我们的合作伙伴关系是互惠互利的。并且中国路桥教会了我们,在承担像蒙内铁路这种大型工程时,应该具有的专业精神。 Tononoka目前也在努力培养这种专业精神并应用到所有业务之中。






Local Kenyan Company Provides Quality Steel for SGR

——Interview Victor Agina, marketing manager of  Tononoka Steels Ltd.

By Anne Wairimu Wanjau, a special correspondent in Beijing

China Investment:Pleaseintroduce your company: size, number of employees, and previously completedprojects.

Victor Agina: The Tononoka Steels LimitedCompanies is a privately owned group whose began in March 1991 that became amajor supplier of steel products in the Kenyan market. And we have and arecurrently supplying to various projects throughout the country such as Two RiversMall, Garden City Mall, KNA Towers, AVIC Towers,  KENHA Road Projects, KPLC Projects, etc. toname a few. Tononoka Steels Limited is now a major producer and supplier ofBlack and Galvanized Pipes, Hollow Sections (Round, Square and Rectangular), M.S.Sheets. The Plant and Corporate Offices are based at North Airport Road inEmbakasi and employ over 1000 staff now. The aspiration to expand inconcurrence with the market and environmental needs led to the formation ofTononoka Rolling Mills Limited in the year 2005. Tononoka Rolling Mills Limitedplays a very important role in the environment by converting waste metal scrapinto valuable reusable construction materials.


China Investment:Whatcontribution did the company make to the construction of SGR Railway?

Victor Agina: The main contribution we madeto the SGR would be the supply of quality steel materials to the required andapproved standard set by the project.

China Investment:China Roadand Bridge Corporation (CRBC) chose to work with Tononoka Steels Ltd. Whatcompetitive advantage does Tononoka have over other local companies that youbelieve led to it being selected?

Victor Agina: Tononoka Group is one of thelargest QUALITY steel manufacturers in the region. This combined with theexperience of exceptional service accorded to our customers throughout theyears was the biggest competitive advantage that Tononoka Group had over theircompetitors.


China Investment:What experience,skills, and opportunities did Tononoka gain from participating on this project?

Victor Agina: The SGR is the largestproject of its kind ever undertaken in the region and therefore the need toproduce the quantities required to the standard required was one of our keystrengths that we acquired throughout. The knowledge gained with theirrequirements also enabled Tononoka Group not only to invest in higher outputcapacities but also to invest in highly trained and skilled individuals.


China Investment:How wouldyou describe the partnership with CRBC during the construction process?

Victor Agina: CRBC has been one of the bestclients we have worked with ever! The professionalism showed by them whenworking with us has been exceptional, be it ordering, testing of materials,legal documentation and payments, etc. We hope that more local companies inKenya follow their footsteps in seamlessly carrying out large successfulprojects such as the SGR. The partnership has been mutually beneficial and has taughtTononoka Group the business and ethical values that a large organization suchas CRBC places when taking on such large projects. Tononoka Group has also nowstrived to achieve such professionalism in all their operations.


China Investment:How wouldyou evaluate Kenya’s local construction industry in terms of its current stateand what it will take to develop it further?

Victor Agina: The construction industry asa whole is on the rise! Large infrastructure projects normally put a bigemphasis on service and quality hence the goal of Vision 2030 (to turn Kenyainto a middle income state by 2030) will go a long way in preparing small, mediumand large contractors to improve their services to be part of this milestone.